Sunday, September 23, 2012

Glass Kitchen Canister Upgrade

Blogging, blogging, blogging! Since this whole blogging thing is new to me, I am not quite sure what "brilliant" content to share first. So why not start with my most recent Pinterest project (and yes, unlike many people I actually follow through and create some of the things I pin...Gasp!).

This weekend I took four glass kitchen storage canisters that I got from IKEA a few years ago (extremely cheap Burken jars with lids) and gave them a bit of an update.

Original glass canisters (below):

The only materials I needed to purchase to make the "enhancement" to the jars were foam sticker alphabet letters ($3) and some frosted spray paint (originally $9, but with a 40% Michael's coupon, only $5). I already had a roll of blue painters tape and the Sunday newspaper at home that I used to protect the glass from any renegade spray paint frosting.

1. Clean the outside of the glass canisters to ensure a nice, smooth surface for stickers to cling too. (Flour smudges and stickers aren't usually good friends).
2. Spell out preferred words with alphabet stickers on each canister. Double check your spelling and then press down on stickers hard to make sure they adhere tightly. (I had four canisters of varying sizes to work with, so mine said "Flour", "Sugar", "Noodles", and "Coffee" (what an intoxicating mix of dry goods, right?!).

3. Using painters tape, create a rectangle around the letters (size of the rectangles can be based on personal preference - I left about 1/4 of an inch around all sides of the sticker letters). Be sure to press edges of tape down tightly so your rectangle is free of any spray paint leaks.

4 Once you have your rectangle, tape newspaper around the rest of the glass containers to protect them from frosted spray paint. Just leave your rectangle and the sticker letters within it free from newspaper. This is the area you will spray paint.

5. In a well ventilated area (outside is good - I started in the kitchen before realizing that was not a wonderful idea), take the frosted spray paint and spray within the rectangular area of each canister. Spray 8-12 inches away in a back and forth motion. You will be spraying over the letters, but don't worry about it -- that is the point!

6. Spray each canister with a light coat. Let dry for 15 minutes and spray each canister with a second coat. Make sure to spray around the letters from all angles so you ensure no spray paint "shadows" around one side of the letters. Let dry for an hour.

8. Peel off tape, newspaper and alphabet letters to reveal the final product on your canisters! Enjoy!!

Here are my final glass canisters -- now with a little bit more personality (a little hard to see, but you get the point)! Another Pinterest project success!


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