Monday, November 12, 2012

DIY Wall Art: From Classy to Sassy

If you have read my past post about my Victory Memorial Garage Sale Finds, you may remember the cheap, but fairly large piece of wall art that I purchased for $3 (which went to charity - how great!). If you don't recall...let me refresh your memory on this classy little piece (that is 

Isn't she a beauty?

What drew me to this $3 frame was certainly not the print, but the texture of the frame. Again, I thought that with a little hard work it could be repurposed into something more my style. And if I failed...well, $3 down the toilet isn't too harsh.

I opted to make this piece of art part of a frame collage using existing frames I already owned.

I started the project by peeling the paper off of the back of the frame to reveal the existing matting and art print. I removed both the matting and print, as well as the glass so that only the gold frame remained. ------------------------>

Like past projects, I resorted to spray paint ($4) in glossy black and after three coats and an intermittent hour or two of time, my gold frame was now a lovely bright black!

Unfortunately my lovely black frame and coordinating collage sat empty for a month while I pondered what to fill it with.

In the end I stumbled across a piece of art called "Shattered Earth" from World Market for some inspiration (I loved the colors), as well as a DIY piece of art I saw on Pinterest from BHG (but that looked too time consuming with its metal wire and fabric / yarn weaving).


I opted instead to march over to my local Michael's and locate some beautiful yarn, full of rich jewel tones, and I made the purchase ($5). While there, I grabbed some new 16x20 matting ($5 with coupon) and headed home.

To make the yarn art, I simply used the existing cardboard backing of the original art and cut strips of yard wide enough to wrap around the sides of the cardboard. With clear masking tape, I taped strips of my cut yarn around the front, taping on both side of the back to hold the yarn in place on the cardboard.

Once my yard covered the cardboard (leaving some space at the top and bottom where I knew the matting would cover), I placed the matting and art back into my shiny black frame and ta-daa!!

Total cost = $17 for frame and all re-vamp supplies.
End result = Goodbye classy. Hello sassy, new, one-of-a-kind wall art (!


What do you think? Hopefully it's an improvement. Now I just need to find a cuter pillow for the top of my bench...


  1. So fun to discover your blog, Erin - and I love what you did with the frame. Talk about a complete makeover. !! It's unrecognizable - and so much better. What a great idea on the yarn. Can't wait to see more fun stuff from you. :)

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