Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Merry Christmas (a bit belated)!

It has been a busy holiday season followed by a nearly two weeks of combined sick time in our household, but I am finally getting around to another blog post! It will be a quick one - flashing back to a few of the cheap / free holiday decor items that I put up around our house this year. These pictures certainly are not all-encompassing, but they are a few of the things I actually remembered to take pictures of!

  • Mason jars (actually cleaned out spaghetti sauce containers) filled with pinecones (collected at the park down the road), topped with a silver glittery ornament and tied with white, rustic ribbons.

  • Pre-owned candle holders filled with free pinecones and pine sprigs (again, both collected from down the street), topped with ivory tea-light candles and tied with rustic twine ribbon.
  • Inside our unused fireplace - a faux, mini Christmas tree topped with ornaments; an old red frame filled with a free Christmas printable (hard to see, but it says "Keep Calm and Let It Snow"); and pinecone-filled mason jars. All decor is sitting on top of an old dresser drawer that I painted cream in color and turned upside-down.

I hope the holiday season was wonderful for you and yours and 2013 brings many fun times and great memories your way! And here's to more fun crafts, decorating and blog posts in the year to come!!

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