Monday, October 1, 2012

Baby, oh baby!

While digging through some photos from 2011 and 2012, I realized I have done a few "other" projects (mostly Pinterest-related ) that are blog-worthy. 

Last winter I helped throw a baby shower for one of my good friends and as part of my decorating duties I created a couple of fun decor items.

1) A baby clothes clothesline (complete with rustic brown twine and clothespins which hold the onesies, bibs, and baby socks that can be used upon baby's arrival).

2) A diaper baby cake (made of diapers and other usable goods for the mama and papa to-be)

I must say I am still fairly proud of my first diaper cake. While I learned about how to craft a diaper cake online, I selected the receiving blankets (wrapped and pinned around the layers of diapers), dual polka dotted ribbons, pacifiers, cake "toppers", and custom painted initial letter all on my own (it was a plain wood letter "R" and I painted it white and used a pencil eraser to do the painted black dots - and yes, I wanted it to match the ribbons...slightly compulsive, I know). There was some personal flavor put into this one.

I love how it turned out and my uber-preggo friend was thrilled with it as well! It coordinated with the "winter white" theme of the shower, was very gender neutral, and fairly modern as well (if I do say so myself)! All of the various decor pieces also made some nice gifts for the proud parents. Dual purpose = great!


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