Friday, November 2, 2012

Festive Fall Front Door Wreath

This blog post will be a quick one, but before fall completely escapes us for winter (I am SO not ready for that yet!) I will share a recent fall wreath that I crafted for our front door.

I found two twig wreaths (in different sizes) at our local dollar store, so the "base" of this wreath cost a mere $2.

At my local JoAnn fabric store I located some cheap fall berry branches (also $1 each), as well as some fabric scraps I had lying around the house in some fall-esque colors.

Using my handy hot glue gun, not only did I successfully burn and blister my fingers a few times, but I rolled and glued long pieces of the fabric into little "flowers" for the wreath. Once ready, I strategically placed the branches and faux flowers on the large wreath and glued in place.

Using some heavy-duty fishing line we so happened to have at home (even though we really don't fish), I laced the two wreaths together and hung on our front door.

I managed to slap together this wreath together in 1-1.5 hours for less than $10. It definitely helps provide a bit of festive fall pizzazz to our front door! Maybe it will ward off winter a bit longer too...


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